Thursday, March 1, 2007

My first international trip

This is my first ever international trip. I was a bit nervous (maybe all would have been) initially. We where welcomed by the friendly drivers Ozie and Yster at Johannesburg Airport. In the transit we had a short but brief stay at Dubai International Airport and Mumbai International Airport.

My eyes where widely open to encourage the new smell of a foreign country. I was amused to see no people on roads. All of the roads where occupied by motor cars, and motor cars only. Rarely could one see a motor cycle on road.

The drive from Airport was too long for me. It appeared as if we where driving for so long. The roads where beautiful. The natural landscape was mind blowing. The landscape reminded me of Europe which i have seen on TV.

On reaching the City, we went to collect our keys for the Apartment we have to live. Now only i can remember the place as the office where we worked. We went to live in West Point, Benmore. It is a huge 11 storey building uniquely built in two blocks.

View the satellite view of West Point

On the night i had two honors. First was that it was my first night at a foreign land. Another feat was that i was sleeping on the topmost man-made point in my life. It was on the 7th floor that my body was resting that night. Next day was Saturday and we had no option to go out roaming around. My camera was clicking some beautiful scenics from the 7th floor of the building. My mind was willing to roam around, meet new people, visit new places. But as like most of the persons i was also caged in safety of the apartment.

We had whole two days to cut short from boredom, Saturday and Sunday. On Monday, we caught a cab to office. We where the first to reach the office at 8.30am. There was nobody in the office. We where waiting in the room where our fellow colleagues where working. The place was like a classroom. The PCs where scattered here and there.

This concludes the first part of my first international trip. See you all in my 2 and a half months stay in Johannesburg.

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